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Smart home solutions

Home automation is much more than just adjusting the light. This means technologies that increase well-being, comfort, security, energy efficiency, and much more.

The smart home system includes a complete home automation solution, including lighting setup, window control, temperature control, security alarm, flood and smoke detector. The system can also monitor electricity, water and gas consumption as well as humidity, room temperature, light level and other indicators. All of this data is available as graphs on a smart device or computer thanks to a built-in web server.

The system can be easily expanded, upgraded and supplemented.


Energy efficient

Monitor your home's water, electricity or gas consumption and limit it with automatic settings.


Set up motion sensors, cameras, auto locks to help keep your home safe. Keep an eye on your home even when you are away for a long time.


With a smart home solution, all home automation is always conveniently available to you. Also from a distance.